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Melissa is Psychic Medium, certified Reiki Master Teacher, healer, and Intuitive Life/Spiritual Coach.


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Formally, a professional opera singer, Melissa has performed on stage and in concert across the country and Central America.  In addition, she taught voice to many aspiring artists.  Her approach to singing is exactly like her approach with spirit. She is the medium which the music passed through and now she is the medium which spirit passes through to deliver messages of love and peace.

Melissa's gifts, she thought, came out of nowhere one morning as she was singing a funeral at a church in 'Jersey.' Singing Ave Maria, she heard a "thank you" in a female voice. So Melissa turned to the organist and asked if she had said anything. Of course the answer was "no." At the end of the service as she was singing the final commendation, she heard it again, "thank you." Melissa then saw some sparkles falling in the church itself. She thought, "Either I am having a medical emergency or I just heard the recently deceased!" So, Melissa reached out to a friend who is a psychic medium, and explained what happened. Her response?
"Well it's about time!"  From there. Melissa has studied and taken classes with the likes of Echo Bodine, Lorraine Roe, and James Van Praagh.

Dedicated to serving you with the highest source of support, Melissa delivers messages from your loved ones to you in a positive, usually funny and grounding way. 

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